Symptoms of weak immunity: Immunity plays a major role in keeping you healthy and away from diseases. If your immunity is strong then you will always be healthy. On the other hand, if the immunity is weak, then the risk of diseases remains high. Many times it also happens that the immune system becomes weak but does not understand. Today we are going to tell you 5 such symptoms, which appear in the body when the immunity is weak. Ignoring them is not good for health.

5 symptoms of weak immunity

Lethargy in the body is a sign of weak immunity. Because the body’s energy starts decreasing when the immunity is weak. Due to weak immunity, the body constantly fights with bacteria, which leads to fatigue.

chill quickly


If someone’s immunity is weak, then he often gets cold and cold. When the immunity level in the body is strong, it protects us from seasonal diseases. But if the immunity is weak then the problem of cold and flu is very common.


being tired all the time

Whenever the immunity is weak, the body feels tired. This causes pain in any part of the body.

digestive system disorder

Poor digestive system is also one of the symptoms of weak immunity. Problems like constipation, indigestion and acidity increase due to weak immunity. Many times due to immunity week, there is a lot of pain in the stomach. Actually, due to weak immunity, bacteria can easily enter the stomach and cause stomach related diseases.

wounds take time to heal

If people with weak immunity get hurt or wound, then it does not heal easily. When the immunity is strong, the skin starts healing itself after an injury and the injury heals easily, but when the immunity is weak, this does not happen. Therefore, whenever any of these symptoms are seen, a doctor should be consulted.