Jaad Hadid is most talked about in Bigg Boss OTT 2. This Lebanese model started ruling the hearts of girls from day one. Zaid Hadid knows very well what kind of show Bigg Boss is and how to stay in limelight here. French kiss with Akanksha or flirting with M.sha Jad, all these have been in news since the beginning. There are a lot of fights in Zed and Babyka’s house as well. Now after fighting with Babika, JD has also packed his bags to get out of Bigg Boss house.

In fact, Bebeka and Jade Hadid often clash on the show. In a recent episode, Zaid Hadid got upset and even packed her bags to leave the show. After the dispute with Babika Dhurve, JD was so broken that he made up his mind to leave Bigg Boss. Judd started crying because Babika was constantly targeting him.




Actually, Babika Dhurve had refused to cook food for JD and Abhishek Malhan. The home captain Jia Shankar tried to smooth things over, but Babika remained adamant. Meanwhile, Abhishek asks Babyka to complete the task, but Babyka asks Abhishek not to spread negativity, after which Abhishek tells Babyka that you are negativity.




An angry JD Hadid and Babika also get into an argument. JD tells Jia to take her seat and angrily says ‘I’m going to hang some people for their nonsense’ which enrages Babyka and a heated argument ensues between the two.




Babyka then talks to Pooja Bhatt about Zed’s personal life and divorce. Babyka told Pooja Bhatt, ‘Do you know the history of Jaad? His wife was highly educated and could not tolerate the advice and respect of powerful women. He likes weak and meek girls who listen to him.

Hearing all this, JD Hadid becomes very sad and starts crying. Zed made up his mind to leave the show and started packing his bags. Now it will be interesting to see if Zed really leaves the show. Zed is one of the contestants who got nominated this week.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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