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When the Dutch merchant Francisco Pelsaert reached the Mughal court in the 17th century, his eyes were filled with tears after seeing the scene there. The reason was that in the Mughal court, apart from the emperor, the one who used to walk the most was a eunuch. His life was full of luxury. He used to wear more than one clothes. Servants used to disappear in front of him. And he was the owner of more than one horse.

Writer Adrija Roychowdhury has written in an article of Indian Express. Eunuchs were in a very powerful position during the time of the Mughals. It can be said that he had only power. And during the reign of Emperor Akbar, his power increased further. Haram was given institutional status in Akbar’s reign. Wherein eunuchs were entrusted with all the responsibility of security. Eunuchs were stationed just outside the harem. Only eunuchs were allowed to go inside the harem. When the emperor was inside the harem, he used to form a circle around him. Rajput, Turkish and Kashmiri soldiers were stationed outside the harem in the second level of security.
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How powerful the eunuchs were during the reign of Akbar can be understood from an example. Ruby Lal writes that there was such a demand for eunuchs in the Sultanate that people used to cut off the private parts of their young children and make them eunuchs and send them to work in the Sultanate. During the reign of Akbar, eunuchs were servants as well as officers. Akbar’s biography ‘Akbarnama’ mentions one such eunuch Niyamat, who once prevented Emperor Akbar’s half-brother Adham Khan from entering the harem. Itimad Khan, one of the most powerful officers during Akbar’s reign, was also a eunuch.

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