Lucknow, 07 July (Hindustan Times). Working State President of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) Manjit Singh has written a letter to the Chief Minister of the state to withdraw the cases filed against farmers, laborers and common citizens during the Corona epidemic.

While informing in his letter, Mr. Singh said that in the past years, there was a huge loss of life and property due to the dreaded Corona (Covid-19) pandemic in the whole world, for which the world has still not been able to compensate. In such a situation, during the Corona epidemic in our country and state too, when the people of Uttar Pradesh were leaving their livelihood and were migrating on foot to their homes crying, at that time cases were filed against people under the Corona (Epidemic Act) in several sections. Was. The country is still facing the brunt of the Corona pandemic and has not been able to recover from it.

The working state president of RLD said that in such a situation, it was not justified to sue the people who were yearning for bread for two times. People were wasting their hard-earned money to go on dates, as well as wasting time. There is an urgent need to withdraw all the cases pending under the Corona (Epidemic Act) in the entire state in the public interest.

Rashtriya Lok Dal’s working state president Manjit Singh demanded from the Yogi government that the lawsuits written during the Corona epidemic should be dismissed so that the harassment of the general public could stop.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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