Your girlfriend or wife often asks what should she wear? If you think that this question has been asked by your own wife or girlfriend, then it is not so. According to a survey, most women around the world spend a year of their life just thinking about what to wear.

According to the survey, girls think about what to wear every day for a long time and if the whole life is calculated, it can be almost a year. Many more such facts have come to the fore in this research.

According to research, women spend almost a year of their life figuring out what they should wear. 2491 women were included in the survey and they were told that women think a lot about clothes for going to office, night out, dinner party, holiday, party, gym etc. According to an estimate, women spend 287 days only thinking about clothes.

After research, the researchers said that the clothes women wear on Friday or Saturday or on holidays are left behind. According to them, women spend about 16 minutes deciding this every weekday morning and about 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

According to a report, what you wear has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself and a woman feels extraordinary in her outfit. Clothes reflect your personality for any occasion. Women aged 16 to 60 years were included in this survey.

The report also revealed that most women spend about 20 minutes deciding what to wear before a weekend night out. Furthermore, women spend 52 minutes each time deciding what to wear on vacation. The evening and morning before each holiday take 10 minutes to decide what to wear. Apart from this, whenever there is a festival, women waste about 36 minutes in choosing their clothes.

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