There are two big news about Russia-Ukraine war. The first news is that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had reached America in April this year to attend the United Nations Security Council meeting. Here he held secret talks with three former US National Security officials. The second news is that America can give more than 140 cluster bombs to Ukraine. Ukraine itself had demanded this bomb.

The most talked about meeting was between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and former US security officials. It is being speculated that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine may end soon. For this, secret meetings have started between America and Russia.

Where has the Russia-Ukraine war reached so far?

It has been more than 500 days since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. According to official figures, more than 14 thousand civilians have died in this war so far. More than 30 thousand people have been injured. More than 80 thousand soldiers of both sides have been killed. These figures are increasing continuously.

Many countries of the world have been affected due to this war. Russia claims to occupy many areas of Ukraine. On the other hand, Ukraine is also fighting the war with full force. This is the reason why now Russia has also been forced to retreat on many issues.

Why was the meeting held?

American News has published news about this. According to this, in April this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reached New York. According to the news, Russia has started efforts to end the Ukraine war through the back door. During his visit to New York, Sergei interacted with three former US security officials. It also discussed the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia.

According to reports, former officer Richard Haas has spoken on behalf of the US. Richard is also the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. Apart from this, European affairs expert Charles Kupchan and Russia affairs expert Thomas Graham were also part of the conversation. Both are retired from the White House and the State Department. According to media reports, US President Joe Biden is also aware of this conversation. However, the White House is far from it. At the same time, Russia rejected this claim. Said this is a misleading report.

Dialogue claims on these issues:

  • What will happen to the areas that Russia has occupied in Ukraine?
  • What will happen to the prisoners of war?
  • How long will the Russian intervention in Ukraine last?
  • What about sanctions on Russia?
  • So is the Russia-Ukraine war going to end?

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