Whether in Rajasthan Rahul Gandhi The atmosphere created in favor of the party after the yatra is said to be or it is the result of efforts to bring back the government unitedly in the coming budget and subsequent assembly elections. Since, the MLAs who resigned on September 25 in support of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have now started withdrawing their resignations. The MLAs say that they are resigning of their own free will and are now taking resignations of their own free will. Those in the know are still saying that if there is a change of leadership in the election year, then the party may have to bear the brunt of it.

In the capital Jaipur, 49 is going to the bungalow of Assembly Speaker CP Joshi of Civil Line. These are the same Congress MLAs, who had given their resignations in support of Ashok Gehlot on September 25, but now the same MLAs and ministers are also going to withdraw their resignations. In fact, after the atmosphere created in favor of Congress in Rahul Gandhi’s visit in Rajasthan, the high command has instructed him to withdraw his resignation immediately. In such a situation, the MLA reached to meet his chief whip Mahesh Joshi and directly reached the house of Assembly Speaker CP Joshi.

MLAs had given their resignations in protest against the removal of Gehlot.

At the same time, Mahesh Joshi himself, who called a parallel meeting instead of going to the CLP meeting called by the high command, is now talking about taking back his resignation. In fact, on September 25, all these MLAs had submitted their resignations in the correct format in protest against the removal of CM Ashok Gehlot. After that, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition petitioned the Rajasthan High Court to instruct the Speaker to accept these resignations. Filed.

Where during Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, all the leaders of Rajasthan Congress had also shown solidarity to strengthen the party. On top of that, Sukhjinder Randhawa, the new in-charge of the state, had also earlier taken back his resignation and told him to come to talk.

State in-charge said – there will be no leadership change in Rajasthan

In such a situation, Congress MLA Nagraj Meena is also openly saying that if the high command thinks of a change of leadership in Rajasthan in the election year, it will be like ending the Congress here. We had resigned voluntarily at that time also and today we are withdrawing our resignation voluntarily. This is an election year, if there is a thought of change in leadership, it will harm the Congress.

We all have faith in Ashok Gehlot only. I have withdrawn my resignation. I don’t know whether my other friends are also taking it or not. The new in-charge of the state Sukhjinder Randhawa said that there will be no leadership change in Rajasthan.

Questions were raised about the MLAs who resigned

On the other hand, one of the reasons behind taking back the resignations is also believed to be that the budget session of the assembly has been called from January 24. Where questions have also started to arise regarding the MLAs who have resigned. In such a situation, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly also believes that taking a decision on the resignation or not is up to the Speaker’s discretion. Everyone will accept the decision taken by the High Command. We have taken back the resignations on our own will. We are withdrawing all the resignations. Because everyone feels that the people of their assembly also want the same.

Difficult to form Congress government without running together

However, after the visit of Rahul Gandhi, Rajasthan Congress leaders have started to understand. It is difficult for the Congress government to return to Rajasthan without moving together. Despite going against the decision of the high command from above, Ashok Gehlot’s chair is still intact and no one accepts the change of leadership as right at this time, that means the reason for resignation was also due to pressure. However, now the reason for his return is also believed to be the result of pressure on someone in one way or the other.

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