The Election Commission has prepared Remote Voting System (RVM) for voters living away from home. The Election Commission has given this information on Thursday. With the help of Remote Electronic Voting Machine i.e. RVM, now voters living away from home in other cities and states will be able to cast their votes in the Assembly/Lok Sabha elections. The Commission will give a live demonstration of this RVM to all political parties on 16th January.

Explain that people working in other states, migrant laborers will be able to use RVM. But this will not mean that they will be able to vote at home. To take advantage of this facility of the Commission, a person has to reach the polling place on the day of polling.

remote voting system of election commission ready

In this regard, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said that the multi-election remote EVM built with the help of IIT Madras can handle 72 constituencies from a single remote polling booth. Views of political parties have also been sought regarding legal, administrative and technical challenges before implementing it.


The commission said that the voting percentage in the 2019 general elections was 67.4%. More than 30 crore voters did not cast their vote. “Upon moving to a new location, voters are unable to register and vote for various reasons,” the commission said. The inability of domestic migrants to vote was a point of concern. Hence, the RVM scheme was formulated.” He further informed that all political parties have been invited on 16 January. He will show this RVM system to political parties and seek their suggestions. Only after this the process of its implementation will proceed.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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