Bridal Mehndi Facts: In Indian culture, brides apply henna on both hands and feet at weddings. Special mehndi ceremonies are org.zed at many places. The bride looks even more beautiful after applying henna from hand to toe. Those who live with him also get their wish. That is why the bride’s mehndi ceremony is considered important in the wedding ceremony.

While the tradition of Mehndi is linked to culture, there are scientific reasons for it as well. To apply henna to the bride, different beautiful designs are made on the hands and feet. Mehndi is applied to brides everywhere, but why is it applied? 99% people do not know this thing.

Religious and Social Traditions

The application of henna by brides and women at weddings is associated with religious and social traditions. Mehndi is religiously considered a symbol of good luck. There is a mention of 16 ornaments of women in Indian culture. It also includes applying henna.

Mehndi enhances the beauty of the bride. It is said that the darker the color of a bride’s henna, the more her partner loves her and the better their couple looks. This deep color of mehndi is felt by both bride and groom.

scientific reason behind mehndi

Mehndi is applied by the bride and groom as per the tradition in Hinduism. But there is also a scientific reason behind this. Mehandi is basically cold. The bride and groom are often under stress at the time of marriage. Because of this, applying henna on the hands and feet keeps the body temperature cool.

Apart from this, the importance of henna has also been highlighted in Ayurvedic medicine. Usually people apply henna on the head only in summers, it is avoided in winters. This also happens due to cooling of henna.

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