There are many things in this world which first go viral on social media and become a trend with time. A similar trend is seen in London every year in the month of January. However, this trend has been going on since before the advent of social media.

If you go for a walk on the streets of London in the month of January, you will see boys and girls walking around in underwear without wearing pants. This young man roams everywhere without wearing pants. Not only this, he also travels in the metro.

Seeing this, you wonder why these people are roaming around London without pants and why no one has any objection to roaming like this? Everyone walks around wearing their underwear and a jacket and T-shirt over it.

The number of people walking around without pants is not one or two but huge. These people include both men and women. Meanwhile, people are leading a normal life and are seen traveling in underwear without any hesitation.

Actually, it is a London tradition and takes place every year in January. One day in January people travel in the metro without pants and move around wearing only underwear. This tradition is known as the no trouser tube ride.


According to reports, this trend started around the year 2000 in New York, USA. It started as a joke by a comedy performance group. Initially there were only 7 people who did this.

At that time, these 7 people reached the metro station without wearing pants and started behaving as if they did not know each other. Since then this trend has come into vogue in many other countries of the world and is being seen in London as well. Now many groups follow this trend.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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