Ayesha Jhulka Interview: Ayesha Jhulka, who showed her brilliant performance in ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’ with Aamir Khan, has been a very popular actress in the Hindi film world in her time, although with time her craze started to decrease and she started appearing less in films. He also started getting very few films. But these days Ayesha Julka is once again in discussion on the OTT platform with her latest show ‘Hush Hush’. Then he shared some things related to his life.

Entry on OTT

Ayesha Julka said in an interview about her entry on OTT, ‘I always felt that the artistry I had as an actress did not come out completely. In the olden days, your beauty and dance were essential for your success but now the times have changed. Now your performance is more important than beauty. People now look at your performance instead of beauty.

decide not to marry

Along with this, Ayesha talked about her marriage and said that if I tell the truth, I decided not to get married because I felt that if I do not get married then I can do anything. After that I met Sameer along with my mother and sister. And after meeting him I felt that Sameer is the right partner for me so we thought of getting married and we both got married.

Why haven’t you become a mother yet?

Ayesha has been married for many years but does not have any children. Regarding not becoming a mother, the actress said, ‘I have seen many ups and downs in my life and after that I decided not to become a mother and my husband fully supported me in this idea. However, Sameer and I have adopted two villages in Gujarat and are taking full care of the education and food of the 160 children there. And in this I find that happiness.

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