New Delhi- These days PCS officer Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya are in discussion in Uttar Pradesh. Actually Jyoti Maurya’s husband Alok Maurya has made many serious allegations against his wife. Alok has alleged that his wife is having an affair with Dubey. Let us tell you that Dubey is posted as the District Commandant of the Mahoba-based Home Guard Department.

Meanwhile, the matter of dispute between PCS officer Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya is continuously increasing. Alok Maurya alleges that after becoming an officer, his wife had an affair with District Commandant Dubey. That’s why she is leaving him. When Dubey’s name surfaced in the fight between husband and wife, questions started arising that who is this Dubey and what is the truth. District Commandant of Home Guard Department Dubey had reached Jhansi to attend a departmental meeting. During this, media people tried to know his side from him but he did not answer any question. The video of this incident is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Tell that as soon as the media people asked do you know Jyoti Maurya. Similarly, Dubey increases his speed. And slowly start moving towards your car. Meanwhile, the media people asked another question whether you have a relation with SDM Jyoti Maurya or do you both know each other. Dubey increases his speed and leaves fast on this question of whether they love each other. And ignoring the questions of the media, leaves from there.

In this way, 2 questions are bound to arise. The first question is whether the allegations Alok Maurya is making between Dubey and Jyoti Maurya are true. Now the truth is visible in him. Second question, if there is a relationship between Jyoti Maurya and Dubey, then why should keep it hidden. Jyoti Maurya has not said anything openly yet but she definitely said that we will present our evidence in the court. Now it remains to be seen that with what evidence Jyoti Maurya reaches the court. And in what way further action would be taken, there is a constant eye on it.


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