New Delhi- The dispute between Uttar Pradesh’s PCS officers Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya is in the news. In fact, Jyoti’s husband has made many serious allegations against his wife. Alok alleges that his wife is having an illicit relationship with Dubey. is posted as the District Commandant in the Home Guard Department at Mahoba. Let us tell you that in view of this dispute between husband and wife, the Uttar Pradesh government had summoned Jyoti Maurya to answer on the whole matter.

On which Jyoti Maurya has sent her written reply in 2 pages to the government. It is reported that Jyoti’s reply has been sent to the appointed department. Please tell that Jyoti suddenly reached Log Bhawan at around 2 pm on Friday and went away after giving her answer.

Earlier, Jyoti Maurya, the officer wife of sweeper Alok Maurya, had said that she would now present her side in the court itself. Jyoti Maurya had clearly stated while replying to the notice sent to record the statement of the investigation started on the orders of DG Home Guard. That or his personal and family matter. And for this she will present her side only in the court.

Tell that the husband of GM PCS officer Jyoti Maurya of Semi Kheda Sugar Mill in Bareilly has accused. That his wife is having an affair with District Commandant Dubey in the Home Guard. Alok also alleges that Jyoti Maurya, along with Dubey, can get him murdered. On the other hand, on Alok’s complaint, DG Home Guard BK Maurya has ordered an inquiry against Dubey.

In the same investigation given to Home Guard DIG Santosh Singh, the DIG had given notice to Jyoti Maurya and called her to record her statement. On this, Jyoti Maurya has said while replying to the notice in writing. That it is his personal matter. For which she is fighting a battle in the court. Her case is pending in the court, she will now present herself in the court itself.

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