How clapping started: Often we clap when we are in a house, temple or aarti-kirtan of God. Whenever any instrument is used for bhajan-kirtan, our hands definitely go up to clap. But do you know why clapping is done in Bhajan Kirtan, when did the tradition of clapping start? Today we are going to tell you about it. Clapping has both scientific and religious benefits. There is also a mythological story behind clapping. Let us know about it in detail…

this is how the applause started

According to a legend, the practice of clapping was started by Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Actually, Prahlad’s father Hiranyakashyap did not like the worship of Vishnu. For this he took many measures, but all of them had no effect on Prahlad. Ultimately Hiranyakashyap destroyed Prahlad’s instrument. Hiranyakashyap felt that by doing this Prahlad would not be able to worship Lord Vishnu. But this did not happen, Prahlad did not give up.

He started clapping with both his hands to the rhythm of Sri Hari Vishnu’s hymns. This created a rhythm. That is why its name was Tali.

attract god’s attention

Since then, applause started ringing on every bhajan-kirtan. It is believed that clapping invokes God to listen to the sufferings of the person. Apart from this, clapping during bhajan-kirtan or aarti destroys sins and removes negative energy.

scientific reason for clapping

On the other hand, talking about the scientific reason for clapping, clapping puts pressure on the acupressure points of the palms. Along with this, it is also beneficial in diseases of the heart and lungs. Blood pressure is also maintained by clapping. Clapping is also considered a form of yoga. By doing this one can get rid of many diseases.

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