These days, the video of a girl proposing a young man in front of the Kedarnath temple is creating a buzz on social media. After this video surfaced, now the administration is preparing to take action against this couple along with banning the making of reels in the temple premises.

If the news is to be believed then the Kedarnath temple administration is preparing to take action against this woman. Now the question is, who is this girl who proposes to the whole world?

This social media hot girl is not any ordinary girl but India’s first motovlogger. He is a social media influencer and rider. This viral girl is popularly known as Ryder Vishakha and her real name is Vishakha Phulsunge. Ryder Visakha is a travel lover.

Vishakha has a huge fan following on social media and YouTube keeps her connected with her fans and earns big money. Apart from this, Vishakha has more than 8 lakh followers on Instagram. Now the viral video proposing Vishakha is spreading like fire on social media.

Vishakha uploads travel videos on her channel. He visits new places and makes videos and followers like these videos a lot. Visakha has also registered its name in the India Book of Records 5 times.


Please tell that Visakha recently proposed to her boyfriend in front of the Kedarnak temple. There has been a lot of controversy after this video went viral and the administration is going to take action against this couple and also ban the making of reels and shorts.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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