New Delhi: You also know very well that cricket and Bollywood are very close to each other. There are also many Bollywood actresses who were in affair with cricketers and got married too. Today we are going to tell such an anecdote of Bollywood actress and stormy player of cricket, which hardly many people would know.

We will be stunned to hear the story of Saurabh Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, when he started living under a lot of stress. Ganguly was married when this love happened. You must be wondering who was the actress with whom Ganguly had an affair. Actually the name of that Bollywood actress was Nagma, who was very beautiful. You must be thinking that when there was so much love, then how did the relationship break, knowing that you will be surprised.

When Ganguly was married, he used to give his heart

If a person has an affair in a virgin state, then it is digestible, but after marriage, if someone starts falling in love, then the listeners are shocked. This thing fits perfectly on Saurabh Ganguly, the captain of the Indian cricket team. Everyone was surprised when Ganguly gave his heart to Nagma. Both spoke openly for each other.

Love became such that Gangul started thinking of getting married. Nagma and Ganguly’s affair was being discussed a lot all around. The effect of the news of Ganguly’s rising affair started appearing in the family. Knowing all this, wife Donna also started living in worry and got upset. When the worst situation happened in Ganguly’s life, Donna decided to get divorced.

In such a situation, Ganguly had only one option, that he left his love and avoided estrangement in the family. When he was discussed on this subject, Ganguly finally distanced himself from Nagma and decided to live with his wife and family. Ganguly or Donna never spoke openly on this, but the media had widely published these news.

Nagma made her debut with Salman’s movie

For information, let us tell you that Bollywood actress Nagma started her Bollywood career with Salman Khan’s film A Rebel for Love. After this, he got a different identity from Yalgaar and Bewafa. On the other hand, Saurabh Ganguly used to be counted among the best captain and batsmen of the Indian cricket team.

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