Believe it or not, there are certain things that can tell a lot about your personality. Interestingly, one such thing is your birth month. Your birth month will reveal more secrets and truths about you than you think.

If you have any doubts about the kind of person your future life partner is, then their birth month will dispel your doubts. In this post you can know how men will be husband according to their birth month.


Men born in January will make funny husbands. They love to laugh and play. If you are a woman who takes things seriously, you will have to put up with his irresponsibility a lot.

January men are sensible and thoughtful. In fact, you are lucky to have him as a husband.


Since his birthday falls in the month of love, husbands will shower you with lots of love and affection in February. They never fail to love their life partner.

But his charm can always trouble his wife as he attracts a lot of women.


March born men are highly intelligent. He is always fond of reading. If you marry someone born in March, it means that you have married a scholar.

Men born in March are respected and admired. It is better for his wife to understand that it is very difficult to cheat on him.


April born men like to be neat and always like to keep things org.zed in the house. This means that his wife should always keep the house clean.

And they are strict and honest. So be sure to be a wonderful father to the kids.


Men born in May are God-fearing, honest and well-behaved. They will treat you like a queen and make you feel happy.

Your main issue should not be to delay their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because men born in May never accept delays.


Men born in June are perfect for marriage because they know how to create a family. They are full of love and would make an amazing father.

His only problem is temper. No one can ever tolerate their anger.


Men born in July are the kind of men every woman can pray for as a husband. July husbands are loyal, more romantic and trustworthy.

Even if the family is in debt, they will not fail to keep you happy. If you marry a July born man, you will definitely have a lifetime of happiness.


Men born in August are intelligent but very stubborn. But you can never beat them when it comes to debate, so save your strength.

Men born in August may be strict but they have a kind heart. They don’t spend much family time together, but they always love their family.


Men born in September may seem very irresponsible husbands, but they are also very romantic. They are full of wonder and very gentle.

Because of his soft nature others can easily take advantage of him, so it is important for his wife to be by his side.


October born men love to talk. He would be a good advisor. The worst quality in him is his good and classy looks which attract many women towards him. So be prepared to control your anger and jealousy.


Men born in November are masters at being gentle and affectionate. It just comes naturally to him how to treat a woman and make her feel special. Along with being highly creative, they are also great in bed, which makes them an irresistible husband.


Men born in the month of December are gentlemen who do not hesitate to beat their wives under any circumstances. He will be the calmest and gentlest person you have ever met in your life. They are beautiful, elegant, cooperative and never fail to bring a smile on their partner’s face.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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