What is G-spot: Along with love, sex life also plays a very important role in married life. We have heard many such incidents in the last few years. Where husband and wife have taken divorce because their sex life is not good. Even a woman or a man is not able to get orgasm during sexual intercourse, due to which many people are troubled. Apart from this, to satisfy their hunger, they make another relationship outside the house. That’s why every married couple should talk to a doctor to understand the nuances of intercourse.

Do you know about that place for women?

Aside from sexual arousal, women’s orgasms are very different from men’s. Men ejaculate after showing signs of arousal. But nothing like this happens in the body of women. Women get this pleasure from a feeling. In fact, there are many women who experience multiple orgasms at the same time. (What is G spot survey shows men don’t know where is G spot of women and female sexuality)

It has been proved by a research that 51% of men do not know about the place of sexual pleasure of women. The shocking thing is that 50% of women are not even aware of their G-spot.

What is G spot?

The G-spot was first described by Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist. Health experts are divided about the G spot. According to some people, not every woman has a G spot. This does not mean that these women will not find satisfaction in sex.

There is a place in the upper part of the vagina of women which creates sexual arousal in women.

According to some experts, stimulation can be experienced at this place during orgasm.

Some people say that this pleasure comes during the sexual act.

According to an expert, it is said that if women start enjoying the G-spot, then the opening of the vagina becomes bigger and it becomes easier to enter during intercourse.

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