New Delhi- UP ATS has arrested a suspect since Muzaffarnagar on Tuesday. Deputy SP Sushil Kumar told that Munir Alam has been arrested from Muzaffarnagar railway station. He is an active member of the banned org.zation Popular Front of India ie PFI since 2015. Was spreading propaganda secretly. Munir was entrusted with the task of increasing the activities of PFI in West UP.

In this regard, when we talked to Munir Alam’s wife Reena, she told that if he is guilty then he must be punished. Father Manyata Hussain said that Munir is innocent. After the arrest of Munir, when there was a thorough investigation, then what did his wife Hina and father say.

On Wednesday, ATS produced Munir Alam in the special court in Lucknow, the court approved Munir’s remand for 10 days on the application of ATF, from July 6 or the remand will be applicable. According to the ATS, Munir was involved in their protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. During this he also went to jail.

ATS officials said that on December 22 last year, PFI active members Maulana Shadab Aziz Qasmi, Maulana Islam Qasmi, Maulana Sajid and Mufti Shahzad were arrested from Meerut. All four are being interrogated continuously. During interrogation, it came to know about Munir Alam from these people. Munir was working on the secret schemes of PFI.

Please tell that Munir Alam’s house is in Kala village of Charthawal police station area of ​​Muzaffarnagar, where his father, wife and two children live. The walls of the house are concrete but there is no plaster or paint in them; There are 3 rooms in Munir’s house. In which about 20 people live from children to Munir’s father. It was raining lightly when we reached there.

First of all, we could not find Munir’s wife as soon as she was asked. That Munirka’s house is here, he said that yes, this is Munir Alam’s house only, he is innocent. False allegations are being leveled against him. After this we asked several questions to Hina one by one, Hina said that we are very poor people. We got a chance to listen. And the Idgah near Muzaffarnagar station. He has been picked up from there where he was buying vegetables.

Hina further told that I was married to Munir 5 years ago, I have two children, both children are being brought up somehow. Munir must have done some wrong thing, we don’t even have food items in our house, Munir is an advocate by profession. He was practicing in the court.

That day also he had gone to his sister’s house after the court. Borrowed 600 from there and then started buying vegetables and eatables for the house, while returning from there, you were caught, the same must have been found in his bag. If he is guilty, then he must be punished.

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