New Delhi. In the world of social media, we get to see strange videos every day. There are some videos which are surprising after watching. In today’s time, it has become fashionable to keep pet dogs in our homes. Many people are very fond of dogs. There are some people who are very much afraid of the dog. However, it is important to keep some things in mind while raising dogs. Many times people die due to the bite of pet dogs.

One such video is going viral on the internet, after watching which you will be stunned and you will also get angry. Seeing the action of a woman in this video, everyone is worried about this. In the video going viral, a woman comes inside the lift with her pet dog. During this, a couple present there told the woman to put the muzzle mask hanging around the dog’s neck on its mouth. But, the woman refuses and starts arguing too.

According to the information, this matter is related to the Logics Society located in Sector 37. When a pregnant woman from the society reached near the lift with her husband, she saw that a woman was in the lift with her dog. There was a muzzle mask around the dog’s neck, but surprisingly, the woman did not put it on the dog’s mouth. When the couple asked to put a mask on the dog’s mouth, the woman started quarreling.

During the fight, the woman said – ‘Only people like you are bitten by dogs.’ After this, the couple said that the cases of dog bites are continuously increasing in Noida, but in spite of this the woman was not ready to wear the muzzle mask. During the quarrel, the woman said – ‘I am better than your wife’.

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