Nagpur : Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that one lakh hectares of land comes under irrigation in Gosekhurd. Textile Park came up. Mother Dairy will get a boost. The picture of Vidarbha will change in four years. Speaking on this, Amol Mitkari said, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has exaggerated the figures in the hall. Amol Mitkari demanded that the session be extended by one more week. A cotton grower is a farmer. Amol Mitkari asked what was done for cotton. Washim, is there no Buldhana in Vidarbha? Mitkari also raised the question.

In the name of religion, 25 grams of flowers are being sold for Rs.40. According to this, a price of one and a half lakh is available on one quintal. Out of this, at least 15 thousand rupees should be given to the farmers. Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis says that the price cannot be given at this time. The time will not come for Ramdev Baba to commit suicide. But our farmer father is committing suicide. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the picture has changed. Mitkari also said that there is a modest hope of supporting our farmers.

Did the interest change when the Chief Minister went to Resimbagh? The farmer did not get anything. Ramdev Baba is being exploited. Amol Mitkari had also made such an allegation. The government has no control over the crop insurance companies. Farmers are being made fun of. He also said that action should be taken by seeking answers from them.

Karni Sena is continuously making provocative statements. Akeley’s star-breaking statement. The valor of our forefathers is a pillar. Do not disturb the peace in Maharashtra. Mitkari also demanded that legal action should be taken against Ajay Sengar.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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