Vivah Upay: Thursday is dedicated to Lord Sri Hari Vishnu and Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods. A fast is observed for Lord Vishnu on this day. It is a religious belief that fasting on Thursday strengthens the planet Jupiter in the horoscope. This brings happiness, peace and wealth in the house. On the other hand, unmarried girls get married early. For this, astrologers advise unmarried girls to fast on Thursday. If there is any obstacle in your marriage, then definitely do these measures for early marriage. By doing these measures, a person gets a good year and a house. let’s find out-

If there is any obstacle in your marriage, then to remove it, circumambulate the banyan tree 108 times every Thursday. If you want, you can also ask for your vow by tying a red thread on the banyan tree. By doing this remedy, marriage will happen soon.

Unmarried girls should not keep banana in the bedroom. Along with this, put a picture of Radha Krishna in the room. Put the picture of Radha Krishna in the east or north direction.

On Thursday, take 5 coconuts and go to the Shiva temple and chant ‘Om Someshvaraya Namah’ and offer the coconut to the Shivling. After this, sit in front of the Shivling and chant the mantra ‘Om Someshwaraya Namah’. After this, wish for a quick marriage to Mahadev, the God of Gods. Do this remedy for at least 7 Thursdays.

Guru is the factor of marriage of girls. If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope then the girl gets married soon. For this, unmarried girls should fast on Thursday. Also keep a fast on at least 16 or 21 Thursdays. Keep one thing in mind that Thursday’s fast should be started from auspicious side.

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