Viral Video: Nowadays people are less worried about themselves and more concerned about making their social media profile attractive. That’s why they are willing to risk their lives to make videos and take pictures. You must have seen many such stunters on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., who like to take risks. They don’t even worry about the fact that they may even die in the process of doing dangerous stunts. Now once again such a hair-raising video is going viral on social media.




It can be seen in this video how a girl put her life at risk by posing on Instagram. The girl hanged on the railing with the help of her boyfriend’s hand. The girl felt that there is a trap below, so even if she falls, she will be saved. The girl was hanging and taking pictures when her boyfriend left her hand. As soon as he released his hand, the girlfriend fell down 10-15 feet. The boyfriend also felt that the girlfriend would go and get trapped in the trap. But the trap was not so strong. This was the reason that the net could not bear the weight of the child and broke.

Girl reached dangerous place to make video

It can be seen in the video that the girl fell down dangerously. Now there is no information about what happened next with the girl. However, looking at the manner in which she fell, it can be inferred that she may have suffered minor injuries. This video has been shared by a Twitter user named @MoreCrazyClips. The user wrote in the caption that the girl was trying to take a great Instagram photo. Users watching the video have given different reactions to this clip. One user said, ‘People will never learn.’ While the other said, ‘Did she survive?’ Another user said, “Instagram is killing the youth.”

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