Bengaluru: Like humans, every living thing including .mals, birds and reptiles fight with each other. Accordingly, a great war took place among the reptiles. Here a fierce battle took place between the python and the rattlesnake. Do you know who won and who lost in this war?

Yes, Python and a fierce battle ensued between the rattlesnakes. Both lost their lives in this fight. IFS officer Sushant Nanda has shared this photo of the battle of reptiles. Through this, he has also given a good message to the society.

Everyone knows this photo. Python and rattlesnake are opposite of each other. Later both clashed with each other. Here the python caught the rattlesnake and the rattlesnake bit the python. As a result, the rattlesnake died of suffocation, while the python died of poison.


Sushant Nanda, who shared the photo of the reptile fight, said, ‘When the rattlesnake bites, the python suffocates it. Both the snakes died. One died of suffocation, the other died of poison. We humans also destroy each other in the same way. The caption read, “History is witness to such a craze.” The post shared by him at the moment social media But going viral. Lakhs of people have seen this post and thousands of people have liked and shared it.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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