Mirzapur, July 07 (Hindustan Times). In Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, there is a place called Shivpur, one km west of Vindhyachal Dham. About which it is said that once Vashishtha Muni asked Naradji, who traveled on earth, which is the best region on earth, then Naradji said that Vindhya region is the best in this universe. The Rameshwar temple of Shivpur in the same Vindhya region and the Shivling installed by Shri Ram in it remains the center of reverence for lakhs of people even today.

In fact Vindhya region is very vast. Statues of huge Shivling, Nandi and other deities are established in Shivpur. He is worshiped by Goswamis. A fair is held on Shivratri and Basant. The fair of Shivpur is very famous. The place is situated in a very quiet-secluded environment. Ashtabhuji Devi Mahakali is sitting on the right hand south, Vindhyavasini herself in the east, Ramgaya and Bhagirathi are sitting in the north.

Pt. Deenbandhu Mishra, a resident of Vindhyachal, quoting a story, said that when Lord Shri Ram reached Ayodhya after the victory over Ravana, he was troubled by two worries. One is the great sin of killing Brahma after killing Ravana and the other is the father not getting salvation. Lord Shri Ram expressed this concern to his Guru Vashishtha Muni. Guru Vashishtha had first talked about performing Shraddha in Gaya, Bihar for the salvation and salvation of the father. During the Gaya Yatra, Shriram’s plane suddenly stopped as soon as it reached Vindhyachal. Shriram wanted to know from Guru Vashisht the secret of the plane being pulled by the power of spiritual gravity of the Vindhya region.

Guru Vashishtha told that this place is the court of Adishakti Maa Vindhyavasini. Here Bhagwati is present with all her arts. Pinddaan done for ancestors on the banks of Vindhya region and the confluence of Ganga is going to give salvation and the name of the person becomes immortal by the establishment of Shivling here.

Rameshwar Shivling was established by Lord Shriram

After listening to the story of Vindhya region from Guru Vashisht, Shriram first talked about landing his plane in this region of Vindhyachal. At the same time, Shri Ram bathed on the banks of the confluence of the Ganga and Karnavati and offered pinddaan for the ancestors, which is known as Ramgaya. It is here that Shri Ram established the huge Shivling, which is known as Rameshwaram Shivling.

Shivling established in Tretayug waiting for restoration

Presently the dilapidated walls of the Rameshwaram temple are waiting for restoration. There is neither a night shelter for the passengers nor a teen shed to sit here. Passengers coming from outside have to face difficulties due to lack of electricity, water and road and toilet facilities. Even after having so much importance, the devotees who come here for darshan-worship in the month of Shravan do not even have the basic facilities. It is believed that by visiting Rameswaram Shivling all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled and the devotee gets the blessings of both Shiva and Shakti.

In Vindhya region there is evidence of the journey of Lord Shri Ram, the great hero of hum.ty.

It is believed that Lord Rama came to Vindhyachal and surrounding areas with wife Sita and brother Lakshmana during the period of 14 years of exile and also performed secret meditation of mother Vindhyavasini for success in future life. Sita Kund, Sita Rasoi, Ram Gaya Ghat, Rameshwar Temple are testimony to the visit of this great hero of hum.ty to this divine place. In ancient times, the Vindhyachal temple was surrounded by temples and religious centers of the ‘Shakti’ sect and other sects of Hinduism, due to which its energy and importance were immense.

Lord Shriram was a worshiper of Lord Shiva

Rameshwar Temple is situated between Vindhyavasini Devi and Ashtabhuja Devi. These three temples form the Mahatrikon – the great triangle. Devotees consider it auspicious to circumambulate around these three temples and call it Trilok Parikrama. It is believed that Lord Shriram was a worshiper of Lord Shiva.

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