The couple is looking forward to the wedding and both are eagerly waiting for the honeymoon to get lost in each other. However, in a video going viral on social media, the bride could not even wait for the honeymoon and did something that went viral while sitting in the mandap.

In this video going viral on social media, it can be seen that the bride and groom are garlanding each other. Meanwhile, the bride loses her control by wearing the wedding ring and does something which has now become a topic of discussion.

It is written in the caption of this video shared on Twitter that, what time has come, all this started happening at the time of Varmala. Actually, during the varmala, the bride suddenly hides and kisses the groom. Seeing this, everyone gets surprised and many people start shouting. The groom looks very serious in the video.

People are giving their feedback as soon as the video goes viral. One user wrote that the boy is cultured, the girl is smart. Another user called the boy cultured and said that if a big man had done this, you would not have posted it. Another person said that he would be willing to marry in any other custom, but would have to work for it.

Another user wrote that the one who is shouting in the background has attained ultimate happiness. The girl kissed the boy and shook his turban. Another user said that Kalyug has come, nothing happens by itself, nature is going to do something big, that’s why it is being so shameless.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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