You must have seen people making and uploading vlogs on social media from eating and drinking to traveling. However, an Australian girl has crossed the line and is uploading toilet videos instead of eating and drinking.

As per reports, the girl regularly posts videos on social media and this has started a strange trend. This Australian influencer posts these videos under the name Interestingly, he regularly visits and reviews public toilets built around Sid.

These social media influencers visit malls, hospitals and other places and give reviews based on the ambience of the public toilets there. He has also told about his favorite toilet. It is located in Marrickville Metro Mall.

This woman calls it the best experience she has ever had. The girl rates it on the basis of toilet seat, smell, soap, crowd and toilet paper. He calls himself a toilet influencer and tells how the toilets are at which places. It also gives suggestions for improvement.

If you find this work strange, then the surprising thing is that this girl also has 20 thousand followers who like her toilet series. His videos keep going viral and people are loving his toilet testing skills. It not only gives a rating for the interior of the toilet but also according to the traffic.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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