Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Calls Abhishek Kumar ‘Criminal’ During Heated Argument, Latter ‘Age-Shames’ Him | Photo Via Instagram

On day 57 of Bigg Boss 17, Vicky Jain and Abhishek Kumar got into a war of words in Dum Ka Makaan. The fight between the duo started in yesterday’s episode after Ankita Lokhande’s husband tried to counsel Kumar about his self-centred approach in the house.

Vicky even suggested Abhishek be polite and added that his behaviour is affecting his bonds. This statement came after Khanzaadi, aka Firoza Khan, was whispering with Abhishek, after which the latter asked her not to do so as it may create issues. Later, the duo got into an argument, and Jain called Abhishek a ‘criminal.’

The next day, Abhishek Kumar is seen washing the utensils, and he tells Vicky to arrange the utensils; however, the latter denies doing so and says, “I have already done a lot of work, and I’m finished with my duties for today.”

The conversation escalates, and Abhishek ‘age-shames’ Vicky: “40 saal ka hogaya aur ye kar raha hai,” said the Udaariyan actor. He replies and tells Abhishek, “I’ll see you when you’re 40; at least I’m successful.” Ankita Lokhande intervenes and asks Abhishek not to ‘age-shame’ her husband.

Recently, K-pop singer Aoora entered Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card contestant.

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