According to Vedic astrology, on July 7, the planet Venus has entered the sun sign Leo. This amount will change on July 23 at 6.01 am. In this curvilinear motion, it will return to Cancer on 7th August 2023 at 11.32 am and then transit in the same sign on 4th September 2023 at 6.17 am. Many zodiac signs will benefit from the setting of Venus, the lord of demons, so many zodiac signs need to be careful. Let us know which zodiac signs will be benefited by the setting of Venus.

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is considered to be the factor of happiness, luxury and attraction. Love comes in life when it is suitable in the horoscope. This makes married life happy.

The people of this zodiac will benefit from the transit of Venus


Venus is retrograde in your third house. Gemini people can get special benefits from the transit of Venus. You may get a chance to earn money abroad. Investing in shares can prove beneficial. There is a possibility of getting economic benefits along with immense success in business. There is a great need to create new strategies in business. Talking about career, many good opportunities can be found. Which you must catch. You can get respect and fame in the society.


Venus is retrograde in the first house of this sign. In such a situation, this time is going to be very good for the people of this zodiac. People looking for new job or opportunities can get success. You may also get a chance to go abroad. You can overcome every difficulty with your hard work and talent. Talking about the economic situation, there will be many opportunities to earn money. But sometimes failure can also happen.


In Libra, Venus is the lord of the first and eighth house and retrograde in the eleventh house. In such a situation, the people of this zodiac get peace along with wealth and happiness. Along with sudden monetary gain, ancestral property can also be found. People looking for a new job can get success. Increasing your scope in the field can prove beneficial. There will be happiness in married life and there will be strength in your relationship.

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