US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on her visit to China called for closer contact between China and the US to improve economic decision making. He also urged China to join global initiatives to combat climate change.

three hour meeting

An official said that the meeting lasted for more than three hours. Meanwhile, Yellen said US-China trade was at a record high last year despite bilateral tensions. He said it is important to focus on areas of common interest and resolve differences through dialogue.

Emphasis on improving relations between the two countries

Indeed, during Janet Yellen’s visit to China, there was a major US effort to improve relations between the world’s two largest economies. Earlier last month, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited China. During this, he insisted on improving the relations between the two countries.

‘Both countries need dialogue and exchange of ideas’

Yellen said that amid the complex global economic outlook, the world’s two largest economies need to communicate and exchange ideas to deal with various challenges. Doing so can help both sides fully understand the global economic outlook and take better decisions to strengthen our economies, he said.

addressed a group of women economists

At the same time, Yellen said that Washington wants to ensure healthy competition with fair rules, which can benefit both countries over time. Earlier on Saturday, Yellen addressed a group of women economists. Despite all the differences between our countries, President Biden and I believe it is in the best interests of our people to advance our relationship, he said.

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