US F-16 jet crash: An American jet crashed during training in South Korea on Monday, seriously injuring the pilot. According to the report of Yonhap News Agency, the American plane which had an accident has been identified as an F-16 fighter plane.

According to reports, the accident reportedly occurred near the United States Air Force base in Gunson. “The jet hit the water after taking off from an airport in Gunsan, 178 kilometers south of Seoul,” the agency said, referring to the waters of the Yellow Sea. The pilot ejected from the jet immediately after the crash and was rescued, Yonhap said.

Let us tell you that the Defense Ministry of South Korea has not yet issued any official statement regarding the crash of the American plane. The United States Force Korea, which oversees American troops deployed in the south, has also not yet responded. It is noteworthy that earlier in May, an American F-16 jet crashed during a routine training exercise in an agricultural field south of Seoul. Meanwhile, the pilot got out safely and his life was saved.

Recently there was a plane accident in Japan also


Let us tell you that America is the main security partner of South Korea. In such a situation, Washington has deployed about 28,500 American soldiers here to protect against North Korea. It is noteworthy that on November 29, the US Army aircraft CV-22 Osprey crashed in Japan. There were 6 American soldiers on board the ship at the time of the accident. In such a situation everyone died. After this tragic accident, America had banned the flying of its Osprey aircraft fleet.


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