New York. New York Bus Accident: A terrible road accident has been witnessed in New York City, USA. Here 80 people were injured in the collision of two buses, out of which 18 people were seriously injured. A double-decker tour bus hit a passenger bus from behind, seriously injuring several people. The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

The windshields of the buses were broken due to the collision.

The collision was so strong that the glasses of the buses were broken. According to police officials, the injured were taken out of the bus after the accident in Manhattan. The front windshield of the double decker tour bus was completely shattered.

many people have broken bones

According to the New York Fire Department, both buses were overcrowded. The department said that 63 other people have been safely taken out of the bus by the medical staff. Most of the injuries were due to cuts, splashes, fire. Officials of the department said that there is a possibility of fracture and injury on the head and neck of some people.

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