If you are a pet or cat lover then this news is for you. Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Corporation has made registration mandatory for keeping pets at home. Now keeping a favorite cow in the house has also been banned. Now you can keep only two cows in the house. For this also you have to register. However, there will be no charge for this.

Many important proposals have been passed regarding the care of pets in the meeting of the Kanpur Corporation Executive under the chairmanship of the mayor. Under which it has been made necessary for those who keep cats in the house to take a license for this. 300 rupees will have to be paid as license fee. People can keep two cows in their courtyard. For this they have to register free of cost.

Apart from this, the eyes of the corporation have also turned crooked on the cows roaming on the road. If any cattle is seen roaming on the road, then the vehicle of the corporation will catch it. Even after paying the fine, the owners of these cattle will not get their cattle back.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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