unemployment rate india : There will be many challenges before the country in the new year, in which the biggest challenge will be to overcome the rising unemployment rate. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has released some data on unemployment. According to those figures, India’s unemployment rate rose to 8.3% in December 2022, the highest in the last 16 months.

What is more worrying is that the urban unemployment rate within the country rose to 10.09% in December from 8.96% in the previous month, while the rural unemployment rate fell to 7.44% from 7.55%, the CM said. according to data from

Mahesh Vyas, managing director of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, said the unemployment rate is rising, although it is not as bad as it appears, as there has been a good increase in labor force participation, which rose to 40.48% over the year. % this is done. December, highest in 12 months.

The biggest challenge is to create jobs

Mahesh Vyas said, “Most importantly, the country’s employment rate rose to 37.1% in December, the highest since January 2022.” Economic experts believe that ahead of the 2024 national elections, the biggest challenge for the Modi government is to curb high inflation and generate employment for the millions of youth entering the job market.

According to quarterly data compiled by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and released in November, the unemployment rate fell to 7.2% in the July-September quarter from 7.6% in the previous quarter.

Highest unemployment rate in Haryana

The unemployment rate in December rose to 37.4% in Haryana, 28.5% in Rajasthan and 20.8% in Delhi. This is evident from the CMIE data.

Congress is taking out the tour of India

The main opposition Congress launched a march from Kanyakumari to Srinagar in September 2022, citing unemployment, rising prices and the BJP’s “divisive politics” in the country. Which was named ‘Bharat Joko Yatra’. This padyatra is to be 3500 km long, which is being led by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is a constant attacker on the BJP government.

Rahul Gandhi had recently said, “Instead of focusing on GDP growth, the Government of India needs to harness the skills of the youth to provide employment, increase exports of indigenous goods and increase production capacity with growth potential. “

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