new Delhi: Home Remedies for Toothache: Whatever the pain may be, its pain can only be known by the one who is suffering from it. On the other hand, talking about the pain in the teeth, it becomes quite unbearable at times. Toothache is a common problem that can occur due to any number of reasons. There are many reasons for this such as swollen gums, weakness and tooth decay can cause pain in your teeth. Not only does this pain make it difficult for you to eat, but your speech, sleep, everything can be affected. Often many people have a problem of toothache in cold. In such a situation, you can get relief by adopting some home remedies. Let us know some home remedies to get relief from toothache…

rock salt

Rock salt, often used in fasting, is beneficial for our health in many ways. It also provides relief in toothache to a great extent. If you are troubled by toothache, then mixing rock salt in hot water and making chowder will be beneficial. By doing this, the bacteria present in the mouth will die, which will give relief from pain.

Asafoetida and Lemon

Asafoetida, a panacea for the digestive system, is also helpful in toothache. Make a paste of two pinches of asafetida and one spoon of lemon and apply it on the painful area with the help of cotton, you will get relief. Asafoetida and lemon are considered very beneficial in toothache, the consumption of which gives instant relief.

Onion will give relief

The use of onion is also beneficial in toothache and swelling. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties found in onions kill bacteria and provide relief from toothache. Placing a piece of raw onion between the teeth and chewing it, the pain ends.

clove oil

Clove, known for its medicinal properties, is considered very effective in toothache. To get rid of toothache or swelling of gums, applying clove oil soaked in water will provide relief. The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties present in it are helpful in removing bacteria.


You can also get rid of toothache with the help of garlic which has many health benefits. The antibiotic properties present in garlic are very effective in toothache. In this case, grinding garlic and adding a little salt to it provides relief in pain.

guava leaves

Consuming guava is very beneficial for health, but few people know that its leaves are also very beneficial. If you are troubled by the problem of toothache, then boiling water of guava leaves will relieve the pain and also remove the bad breath.

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