Shiraz, 08 July (HS). Two men were hanged on Saturday morning in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz on charges of a terrorist attack on the Shia shrine Shah Cheragh Dargah on October 26 last year. At least 13 people were killed in this attack. The terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. Iran’s official media gave this information.

According to state media, both the convicts Mohammad Ramez Rashidi and Naeem Hashem Ghotali were hanged near Shah Cheragh Dargah. More than 13 people including women and children were killed in this attack. The preliminary judgment against both came on March 16, 2023. Then the lawyers of both the terrorists appealed against it. Iran’s Supreme Court confirmed the preliminary verdict after the direct role of both terrorists in the attack was proved.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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