Turmeric Farming: Earned crores from turmeric farming, don’t know how it is cultivated….. You know very well the turmeric which gives life to the food. Turmeric is used in every household. On the same lines, today we will tell you about the cultivation of turmeric. With modern technology, you can easily cultivate turmeric. In Maharashtra, a farmer has earned Rs 2.5 crore by cultivating turmeric. And this benefits the farmers a lot.

Turmeric Farming: Earned crores from turmeric farming, know how it is cultivated…..

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How to cultivate turmeric

There is a lot of benefit from turmeric cultivation. Vertical farming is done for turmeric cultivation. In vertical farming, turmeric is planted in zig zag. Turmeric seeds are planted in clay boxes and when turmeric sprouts, it starts coming out straight and sideways. It does not require sunlight, only shade is required. Let us tell you that vertical farming is considered best for turmeric cultivation.


Turmeric can be cultivated very easily. For vertical farming of turmeric, the box is planted at a distance of 10-10 cm in a horizontal manner. Plant two lines of turmeric seeds in a soil container, after some time turmeric sprouts. It goes straight up. When the plant grows up, the leaves come out on the sides. Turmeric cultivation is ready in about 9 months, which you can sell at a very good price. This will give you more profit.

Turmeric Farming: Earned crores from turmeric farming, know how it is cultivated…..

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What is the benefit of turmeric cultivation

11495 turmeric farming business

People earn a lot of profit from turmeric cultivation. Nowadays turmeric powder is sold very fast in packets, so you can sell it at a fixed rate even after packing it and earn a good profit. In the beginning, the cost is high, but after increasing the profits in a few years, the cost is recovered. For example, if you have 250 tonnes of turmeric crop in a year, you will get Rs 2.5 crore. If we consider the expenditure of 70 to 80 lakhs in this, then you can comfortably save one and a half to two and a half crore rupees. And in this way you can easily earn lakhs and crores.

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