New Delhi: Mustard oil and salt are two important ingredients found in our kitchen. A mixture of these two ingredients is used in almost every type of vegetable. But do you know what are the benefits of these two substances to our body? Yes, mustard oil and salt can cure many health problems (Lifestyle Tips). Especially it is very effective in toothache, yellowing of teeth and reducing weight. Let us learn about the benefits of mustard oil and salt for the body in this article today (Lifestyle News in Kannada).

Benefits of mustard oil and salt
gum pain relief

You can use mustard oil and salt to get relief from gum pain. The fluoride present in salt promotes gum strength, thereby reducing pain and inflammation. To use it, mix a little mustard oil in a pinch of salt. Now gently massage the gums with it. This reduces the pain of gums.


Mustard oil and salt can be used to remove the yellow color of the teeth. Mustard oil and salt can be used to remove the yellow color of the teeth. It acts as a natural cleanser for the teeth. Along with this, it also deeply cleans the teeth. Take 1 teaspoon of salt to remove the accumulated dirt on your teeth. Add some mustard oil to it and rub your teeth with your fingers. This removes the yellowness of the teeth.

In addition to being very beneficial for oral health and weight loss
, Mustard oil and salt can also help you lose weight. Its properties are effective in reducing the excess fat of your body. This will reduce your body weight easily. To do this, regularly add salt to your diet and Include mustard oil.

Mustard oil and salt can prove to be very beneficial for you to get rid of all the above mentioned problems. If your problem is increasing too much, then you must consult an expert.

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