Nowadays people are afraid to eat tomatoes, even to buy them. At present, the price of tomato has increased so much that even the big fast food are refusing to buy it, let alone the common man.

Tomato missing from McDonald’s burger

Rising tomato prices are such that McDonald’s, one of the fast food chain giants, has removed tomatoes from its burgers and wraps in several parts of the country after tomato prices hit a record high. Burgers usually have a slice of tomato between the bun and the patty. Tomatoes are also used in the wrap filling, and for the time being, McDonald’s has removed tomatoes from both.

The company is not in a position to buy tomatoes

McDonald’s said it was unable to buy tomatoes that passed quality checks because of seasonal problems. Tomato prices have reached Rs 200 per kg in some markets.

McDonald’s India-North and East spokesperson said

Due to seasonal crop problems on farms in some areas, tomatoes are not available in sufficient quantities to meet our quality specifications. In order to ensure that our customers get the best quality that we are known to serve, we are bound to keep the tomatoes for a certain period of time.

Tomatoes haven’t disappeared because of prices

McDonald’s says tomatoes haven’t disappeared from its burgers and wraps because of price hikes. A McDonald’s spokesperson said this was simply due to the unavailability of tomatoes that met our quality standards.

Here’s Where You’ll Find Tomatoes in McD’s Burgers

The company informed that there is sufficient supply of tomatoes in the Punjab-Chandigarh region, hence tomatoes are being served in the menu there. McDonald’s restaurants in northern and eastern India are operated by its master franchisee Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited (CPRL). Stores in the southern and western regions are operated by Westlife Group, another major franchiser of McDonald’s.

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