Tomato substitute: Today’s women do not like to make any vegetable without tomato. Tomato is used in almost every vegetable, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. In some cases Rs. 5 to Rs. Sales of 10 tomatoes have now crossed the century mark. Tomato in some cities Rs.20. Saying up to 180.

Madanapalle (earlier Madanapalle in Chittoor district) in Annamayya district is recognized as the largest tomato growing region in the Telugu states. Tomatoes are supplied from Madanapalle to Chennai in Tamil Nadu, many parts of Rayalaseema and Karnataka.

The buses of Madanapalle RTC depot have a tomato sign which means it can be understood that how many lakh acres of tomatoes are grown in the surrounding areas of Madanapalle. Such tomatoes are sold in the Madanapalle market on Wednesdays at the rate of 30 kg quality tomato boxes. 2,800 to Rs. 3, 330 on the one hand where the farmers and the owners of the mandis expressed happiness in the market.

But common women are facing problems because they cannot buy tomatoes and make delicious dishes. The price of tomato at Madanapalle, the headquarters of tomato, is Rs. 130 is pronounced. Tomato prices are skyrocketing in other areas. Tomato growing farmers and traders of tomato markets are now earning lakhs of rupees.

Apart from Telugu states, hoteliers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other states are trying to reduce the use of tomatoes as much as possible. Hotel owners and common women are now showing interest in using tamarind instead of tomatoes.


The price of tamarind has also increased in Punganur of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, famous for tamarind. For the last few months, the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. Now the prices of tomatoes are skyrocketing and common people are facing problems.

Tomato crop has been damaged due to recent heavy rains and farmers have not shown much interest in growing tomato crop as rainy season is coming, so farmers who have planted tomato crop have actually got crop . But now if there is heavy rain, the price of tomato will reach up to Rs.50. 200 to Rs. Some farmers and traders say that it is not surprising if the price exceeds Rs 250.

Women thought how to cook food without tomatoes. Women who earlier used to use tomatoes in curries as per their choice, have now become cautious. Due to the increase in the prices of tomatoes, the demand for readymade tomato paste of many has increased. Many women who have stopped buying tomatoes in cities and crowded towns are now buying ready-made packets of tomato paste and tomato bath. Apart from these, 5 other great options are given below.


Tomato Substitutes: Tomato prices skyrocket in the market, women should try this instead of tomatoes

1. Cardamom Powder
The taste of cardamom powder is sweet and sour and the cost is also less. You can add a teaspoon or a tablespoon of this cardamom powder while cooking your gravy or other dishes. It will surely give the dish that tangy flavor that you are looking for.

2. Tamarind
Tamarind is a more sour tasting substance as compared to tomato. Tamarind juice is used instead of tomato in tamarind, sambar etc. Also tamarind juice gives nice color to the gravy. That’s why tamarind can be used instead of tomato.

3. Fermented Yogurt
In Indian cooking, fermented yogurt is used as a substitute for tomatoes in tomato-based dishes. If curd is added to the gravy or gravy, then the gravy will become slightly thick and will have a nice sour taste. But for this you have to stir the curd after cooking.

Guava can be used as a substitute for amla tomato. But the taste of guava is slightly sour, so take care of the quantity while using it. Also if you are using guava in cooking, soak the guava pieces in sugar water for sometime to soften them and then add them to the cooking.

5. Vinegar
After tomato, vinegar is another ingredient that has a distinct sour taste. Since apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties, it boosts immunity and provides relief from intestinal infections, diarrhea, digestive problems, etc.

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