Tomato Price Rise in India: These days the rapidly rising prices of tomatoes have loosened the pockets of the common man. The prices of tomatoes have reached the seventh sky and the prices of other vegetables are also increasing rapidly, due to which the budget of the common man’s house has been completely messed up. In such a situation, if we talk about Uttarakhand, then in many areas the price of tomato has reached more than Rs 200 per kg. Tomato is being sold at Rs 250 per kg in Gangotri Dham.

It is being told that due to heavy rains vegetables are not being supplied. Due to this, the prices of not only tomatoes, but other vegetables like cauliflower, chillies, ginger etc. have also increased. Due to the ever-increasing prices, the purchase of tomatoes has also been greatly affected. Those who till now used to buy 2 kg tomatoes, are running their business by buying half a kg.

that’s why the price is going up

Generally, the prices of tomatoes and other vegetables increase in the months of June and July. The reason for this is that tomatoes and all other vegetables cannot be kept for a long time during the rainy season, nor can they be transported over long distances in large quantities. In such a situation, their supply is interrupted. Although the prices of tomatoes have increased wildly this year.

McDonald’s and Burger King have also removed tomatoes from the menu.

Let us tell you that the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes have not only affected the budget of the common man, but it has also started affecting restaurants and food chains. Recently McDonald’s and Burger King have also stopped using tomatoes in their products in some of their outlets. However, the reason for this is not the inflation of tomatoes, but the non-availability of good quality tomatoes. McDonald’s clarified that the decision to remove tomatoes from the menu has been taken in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality of food.

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