Every day new updates are coming out in the case of SDM Jyoti Maurya. This dispute between husband and wife is not taking the name of ending. Bareilly’s SDM Jyoti and her husband Alok Maurya are standing against each other and both are getting support from different people through social media as well.

Both husband and wife have made many allegations against each other. This series of allegations continues and every day both come out with new allegations. In the midst of the ongoing fight between the two, now the coaching operators running the civil services have also jumped in. Recently a director had offered free coaching to Alok Maurya.

You must have seen Rajkumar Rao and Kirti Kharbanda’s wedding film Must Aana. In the film, Kirti runs away from her marriage to become an IPS officer. Rajkumar Rao is a junior rank government employee. In such a situation, if the bride runs away on the wedding day, the family will have to be humiliated. But he takes revenge by becoming an IAS officer.

People remembered that film when coaching centers offered free coaching to Alok, saying that he would become an IAS. Alok Maurya, posted as a sweeper in the Panchayati Raj Department, has spoken about receiving phone calls from coaching centres. He said that I was offered free coaching for civil services.

Very few people would know that Alok Maurya was preparing for civil services in Prayagraj before marriage, but when he got a government job in Pratapgarh, he left this preparation.


After this he married Jyoti Maurya. Alok saw that his wife wanted to prepare for civil services, so he fully supported her. But now the dispute between the two husband and wife is deepening.

What is the matter?

In fact, Alok Maurya has accused his SDM wife of having an affair with the commandant of Ghaziabad. Alok also alleged that he spent all the money to make his wife SDM.

His wife left him after becoming SDM. Now the wife is having an affair with another man. On the other hand, Jyoti Maurya says that as soon as she got a government job, her husband and his family started demanding dowry.

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