New Delhi: The CBI on Friday arrested three railway personnel in connection with the train accident that took place in Balasore, Orissa last month. It is being told that these include Senior Section Engineer Arun Kumar Mohanta, Engineer Mohammad, Aamir Khan and Technician Pappu Kumar. Please tell that all three are accused of culpable homicide and destruction of evidence. More than 293 people died in this accident. And more than a thousand people were seriously injured.

Sources say that this accident happened due to the negligence of these three sources also claim this. That the three accused knew. That their negligence can lead to a big accident.

Commissioner of Railway Safety CRS probing the incident had last week blamed human error on the part of staff of the signaling department for the mishap. Tell that it was clarified in the investigation report of CRS of Balasar train accident. That lapses at many levels in the Signal and Telecom Department are responsible for this accident. Had there not been a fault in the signal circuit diagram, 293 passengers might not have lost their lives. CRS has presented its recommendation on 14 points to avoid accidents due to this reason in future.

Explain that CRS AS Chaudhary of Delhi East Circle, Kolkata said in the investigation report that due to errors in the diagram of the signal circuit, the Coromandel Express got the wrong single near the crossing gate number 94 by crossing the AAP main line and crossing the AAP loop line at 17A. The top over loop connecting to /B was set in line. Coromandel Express derailed on AAP loop line due to wrong single. Where it collided with the rear wagon of an already parked goods train. Due to which this accident happened.

Tell that after a month of the accident, Balasore and Bhubaneswar went to AIIMS to find out. So till now 81 dead bodies could not be identified. His DNA samples were sent to Delhi for examination. A few days later, news came that DNA samples of 29 of these matched. Out of these, the DNA report of 6 people handed over to the family took so much time because most of the people who died used to eat tobacco, so there was a problem in extracting the tissue of their teeth.

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