Sapna chaudhary Viral Dance video: Dancer Sapna Choudhary, the desi queen and actress of Haryana, who is known not only in Haryana but all over the country. Sapna has become such a face in today’s time, to see whom a crowd of people gathers. His fans stand ready to do anything for him. This is the reason why the songs of Sapna Chaudhary keep on creating ruckus on YouTube.

Wherever he has to have an event or program, his fans reach there well in advance. At the same time, an old song of Desi Queen has surfaced on YouTube, seeing which people are dancing with joy. Actually, a video of Sapna has created a lot of ruckus on YouTube. Seeing which lakhs of youth are gasping for breath.

In the video going viral, Sapna Chaudhary Dance Video is seen giving her stage performance in a village. The name of the Haryanvi song on which Sapna is dancing is “Bol tere mithe mithe hai”, on which the desi queen is seen banging her feet.

The people sitting there are taking out their phones and making videos of Sapna’s dance. In the video of this song, Sapna is wearing a fitting salwar suit and is setting the hearts of the youth sitting in front of her throbbing with her dance moves.

Seeing which the boys are also being forced to dance and are also making videos of them by turning on the camera of the phone. You can watch this video on Sapna Entertainment YouTube channel. Where it has been viewed 473k times. Now it can be inferred from this that there is no dearth of his fans all over the world.

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