Human civilization has seen many major disasters so far. Millions of people have died in many calamities like war and pestilence. However, the terrorism we are going to talk about today is considered to be the biggest terrorism in the world.

In this tragedy, considered to be the biggest tragedy of human civilization, 8 lakh people were killed in a few seconds. The amazing thing about human civilization is that no one person is responsible for this greatest tragedy.

According to reports, in 1556 man saw the biggest disaster in his history. On this day, 8 lakh people would have died in the terrible earthquake in China. There has been a severe earthquake in China’s Shaanxi, due to which more than 8 lakh people died in a few seconds. This one incident broke the back of the age-old culture of China.

Under normal circumstances, the intensity of an earthquake is around 2.3 or 3.2 on the Richter scale. While the intensity of this earthquake in China was 8.0 to 8.3. This was the reason that the earthquake caused huge devastation and killed lakhs of people. One reason behind this major disaster was that the epicenter of the earthquake was in a densely populated area.

It is said that after this terrible tragedy, mankind started preparing against such tragedies in the future. After this incident, light wooden houses started being built in China. Apart from this, bamboo was also used for building houses.

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