Rainy season is considered special but many health problems arise in this season. It is important to be cautious in this season to keep yourself fit. You can also consume fruits and vegetables which will give you some benefits. Yes, if you consume Kankoda in this season, you will get many benefits. It is considered a thorny vegetable. By consuming it, you can avoid special diseases like cold, cough and allergies. This gives many benefits to the body. It is high in protein and helps control blood sugar levels. So know its benefits too.


aids in weight loss

Cucumber is high in phytonutrients. It helps in preventing many diseases. Calories are very less in this vegetable. It has high water content and if you are planning to lose weight then consuming this vegetable will be beneficial.

Beneficial in preventing seasonal diseases

Kankoda herb, found in the rainy season, helps protect against seasonal diseases like cold, cough and allergies. It has anti-allergic and analgesic properties.


lowers blood sugar

The problem of diabetes has become common nowadays. In such a situation, the consumption of Kankoda can prove to be beneficial. The elements present in it help in reducing the blood sugar level. Due to the high water content in it, it will be beneficial in the diet of diabetic patients.

keeps skin healthy

Daily consumption of Kankoda vegetable in monsoon can be beneficial for the skin. The nutrients present in it act like beta carotene, lutein protective. The anti-aging properties present in it also help in improving the skin.

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