People living in different regions of the world have their own funeral rites. Many people burn the dead and some bury them, but the tribe we are going to talk about today roasts and eats its people after the funeral.

According to reports, the Yanomami tribe found in Brazil and Venezuela in South America is known for its unique customs. This tribe, also known as Yanam or Cinema, has nothing to do with modernization and westernisation. They live with their customs and traditions even today.

This tribe has a unique way of performing the last rites. Following this tradition called endo-cannibalism, this tribe has a unique practice of eating the flesh of the dead.

The people of this tribe living in the Amazon rainforest believe that it is important to preserve the soul of the body after death. They believe that the soul finds peace only when its dead body is completely burnt and its dead body is eaten by its living relatives.

According to tradition, the people of this tribe burn the dead body and paint the face of the burnt dead body. Not only this, on the death of a relative, he sings songs and expresses his grief by crying. Then the burnt meat is eaten with great love.


At the same time, one such Asmat tribe is found in New Guinea located in the continent of Australia. The people of this tribe kill the enemy and eat its flesh after cooking. Apart from this, its bones are used as ornaments and the head as a pillow.

An interesting fact is that sometimes the skulls are broken and made into utensils and used for eating. He does this so that he can demonstrate his bravery and loyalty to the tribesmen. The people of this tribe roast the head of the enemy and eat it.

This tribe uses the bones of slain enemies in rituals. These tribes place the head of the enemy between the feet of the children during the festival. It is believed that the power of the enemy enters the child. He takes the spine and lower body of the enemy with him like a trophy. Keeping the lower jaw of the enemy in the house is considered a sign of bravery.

One specialty of this tribe is that if someone dies, their dead body is treated badly. The throat of the deceased has been cut and the brain and eyes have been taken out. It is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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