New planets have great impact on human life. Thus according to Vedic astrology, Mercury is a neutral planet. Mercury gives benefits to people depending on the position in their horoscope.

The planet Mercury has great importance in mythological astrology and astronomy. Transiting Mercury represents communication, contradiction, logical thinking, adaptability and rationality. All the planets change their position. Each planet changes zodiac sign at a fixed interval.

When such changes happen, sometimes planetary yogas are formed and create auspicious and inauspicious yogas. Mercury currently sitting in Gemini will enter Cancer on July 9, 2023.

This is an important change in Chavan month. At present, Mercury will enter Cancer on July 9 and after that it will also move to Gemini. In this article, know which are the 4 zodiac signs which will be lucky due to this change of planets.

If Aries
The natives are expecting benefits from Mercury transit, then this transit will be favorable for you. With the benefit of Mercury transit, all your wishes will be fulfilled. Your income is likely to increase.

Your married life will be happy and satisfying. You will spend more time with your family members and auspicious work is likely to happen in the family.

After the transit of Mercury in Taurus, the natives of Taurus will get positive results. , During this period you can get the desired job. Your financial condition will increase m.fold. You will be peaceful and happy in your home without any problems or quarrels. You will get a chance to spend more time with your family.

Mercury transit July 2023: Mercury transit in Cancer will be lucky for these zodiac signs in Tamil

Mercury is about to enter Cancer, it will bring good news for you. Business and self-employed people will get more benefits. People doing business will get positive benefits in the office.

Your income is also likely to increase. You can also save for the future by getting new sources of income. These zodiac signs will get financial benefits from the transit of Mercury.

You will get more benefits from the transit of Mercury in Virgo in July. You will get a strong financial position and happiness will enter your life. Employed people will get improvement in work. Good relations with your senior officer in the office will improve. You will get favorable results during this period.

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