Nagpur : An altercation took place between Anil Parab and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde in the Legislative Council today. On who has the right to touch the feet of Balasaheb, Chief Minister Shinde took the spin of Anil Parab. Speaking in the Legislative Council, Thackeray faction leader Anil Parab said, ‘We salute Chief Minister Shinde for his work. Because we have taken the responsibility of electing 50 MLAs and 13 MPs. But, lay hands on the feet of Balasaheb and say that we will not fight on BJP ticket. How many people of Shinde faction are going to fight on BJP ticket. Anil Parab also said that we are fully aware of this.

Fight for your life. Beat us then we welcome you. We are also ardent Shiv Sainiks. We are Shiv Sainiks of Balasaheb. Anil Parab said that if you lose us then we will not feel bad, but if we lose with the help of BJP then we will feel sad.

After that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde challenged Anil Parab. Do not worry. When you got elected, you got help from BJP. The MLAs and MPs who were left had pasted Modi sahib’s photo in the election.

You have no right to talk about Balasaheb, from the day you abandoned Balasaheb’s ideas and went with Congress, Nationalist Congress Party for power. Eknath Shinde also said that he had no right to touch Balasaheb’s feet. He also said that we have the right to touch the feet of Balasaheb.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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