New Delhi- In Lucknow, fearless thieves carried out the incident of theft in Maa Purvi Devi and Mahakaleshwar temple. It is being told that the thieves ran away with the offering of lakhs of rupees and mother’s crown. The entire video of this incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the temple. When the devotees reached the temple in the morning, they saw that the lock of the temple was broken. After which the police was informed. The police reached the information and started the investigation.

The whole matter pertains to Maa Purvi Devi Mahakaleshwar temple under Thakurganj police station area. Where on Friday morning when the priests of the temple reached the temple to worship. So saw that the lock of the main gate is broken. After which he informed the police. Police reached the spot and started investigation. The priest of the same temple told that the temple was closed after the late evening aarti as usual. The mesh behind the Ram Darbar and the main gate were also closed. After that, the incident of theft was carried out late in the night. When we reached the temple in the morning for Aarti worship, all the locks were found broken. Went inside and looked. So the locks were broken in Ram’s court and Mata’s house. The ornaments on the idol of the mother, along with the gold crown and two silver crowns, all the silver ornaments, crowns, bracelets, Vasuri and all the offerings kept in the donation box of Ram Darbar were nothing.

After this incident, Pramod Kumar Shukla, the founder and convenor of the temple, said that now the intention has become so bad that people have started targeting the temple as well. In this month, the grace of Lord Bholenath showers on all of us. But the manner in which this incident has happened in the temple. It hurts a lot. We demand from the administration that the people who have carried out this incident. Action should be taken against them. He further said that it is clearly seen in the video that those who break the locks and come inside and abscond with all the goods.

Devotees of the temple Dharmendra Tiwari, Shubham Tandon, Vineet Sharma, Vipin, Vinod, including more than 1 dozen devotees said that this temple is hundreds of years old. Till date, never a single rupee was stolen from this temple. But this time such a big theft took place from the court of the mother. The administration should investigate in every way and take strict action against the accused.

Thakurganj police station in-charge said that as soon as the information was received, they had reached the spot with immediate effect. The accused are being searched with the help of CCTV cameras installed in the temple. Soon the accused who carried out the theft incident will be taken into custody and put behind bars. Every fact is being investigated. After all, how this incident was executed is also being investigated.

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